Infrared Sauna

Benefits include but are not limited to; Safe Detoxification; Relaxation; Pain Relief; Weight Loss; Improved Circulation; Skin Purification; Fatigue; Chronic Illness
Our Sauna is also equipped with 7 medical-grade LEDs that provided all the benefits of the suns 7 essential rays.  During your visit you can choose for free or even combine…..
Red- Increased Circulation
Blue- Kills acne and bacteria
Green-Anti-aging and heals wounds as well as smoothing wrinkles
Purple-Relaxation and lymph metabolism
Cyan-Gentle acne/skin inflammation
Light Green-Improves color and wrinkles
Light Blue-Soothing/Allergy Desensitization

Price List

  • Infrared Sauna Sessions
    (30 minutes)
  • Package of 4
  • Package of 8
  • Package of 12


405 S. College Ave

Bloomington, In 47403

 Contact Deanna at: 812-320-2284