About Wellness Therapies

Here at Vanished we have gone a step beyond treating our clients on the outside.  Many cosmetic procedures can only be enhanced when the client is healthy both mentally and physically.  Through research and our passion for changing peoples' lives, we have added some very specific therapies to our arsenal.  Each supported by medical journals and carried out by the most predictable protocols.

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Vitamin Therapy

Benefits of vitamin therapy include: strengthened immune system, increased energy, pain relief, reduced stress and anxiety, eliminated toxins and infection, decreased inflammation, healing and recovery.


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a treatment for many common and debilitating symptoms that are often overlooked by doctors. BHRT is a natural and simple method for correcting these complex issues.

Massage Therapy

Our Therapists offer deep tissue, relaxation, and sports massages to ensure you feel your best after a long week or fitness journey. Be sure to check out Kate’s profile in the About us tab, and schedule your first one hour massage for only $50! Ask about combining your massage with our Infrared Sauna for a complete detoxifying experience!

Infrared Sauna

Removal of 30% more toxins from the body, immune system boost, Decrease in blood pressure, relief from pain Increased metabolism, weight loss, relaxation, stress reduction,