Infrared Sauna


Relaxing session in our 360 degree Infrared Sauna enhances the removal of 30% more toxins from the body, immune system boost, decrease in blood pressure, relief from pain Increased metabolism, weight loss, relaxation, stress reduction, and improvement in skin appearance. We offer seven Medical grade LEDs that address aging, skin conditions, pain, and depression. Check out the effects of each light below.

RED=Increased Circulation; BLUE=Kills acne and bacteria; GREEN=Anti=aging, heals wounds, and smooths wrinkles; PURPLE=Relaxation and lymphatic metabolism; CYAN=Gentle for acne and inflammation; LIGHT GREEN=Improves skin color and wrinkles; LIGHT BLUE=Soothing/allergy desensitization. Set it on automatic and get the benefits of all seven rays of the sun!

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Infrared Sauna Sessions


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