Sexual Health

All Men and Women experience changes in their sexual health or function over time or periodically throughout their lifetime. Vanished takes pride in being able to address both the internal physiological contributors as well as the external.

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Thermismooth Rejuvenation of Labia Majora

Ideal for candidates with Vulvar distention or collagen loss. This is an external application only and will firm and improve the appearance of the vagina in as little as three treatments

ThermiVa Total Vaginal Rejuvenation

This is an internal and external restoration procedure for the vagina with no downtime. This will repair the comfort and sensation, the thickness of the vaginall wall, urinary incontinence, while improving the cosmetic appearance of the labia. This procedure requires a series of three treatments repeated every four weeks for optimal results.

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hormone replacement therapy


BHRT addresses the biological changes that occur within the body as we age. Men over the age of 30 and Women over the age of 25 begin to experience a decline in hormone optimization. This leads to a slower metabolism, difficulty concentrating, poor sleep quality, low libido, poor sexual performance or orgasmic function, and much more. Through our Certified Provider and Nurse Practitioner Lexi Yoo, you can feel like you did when your hormones were at their peak of optimization.

Stemcell Therapies

PRP shot for Feminine Rejuvenation

Injection of PRP into very specific areas of the vagina to improve sensitivity, dryness, lichens sclerosis, urinary dysfunction, and orgasmic dysfunction. Most patients require two treatments.

PRP Shot for Male Enhancement

Five tiny injections into specific areas of the penis to treat erectile function, improve size and girth, and restore sensitivity and blood flow. This is an adjunct therapy to Viagra and Cialis and is not meant to replace current medical treatments. Patients do receive topical numbing and a 6 week protocol that is imperative to get results. Many patient require two treatments.