Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is a light-based treatment (even though it’s often grouped into the laser category) that is used to erase discoloration—think freckles, sun damage and brown spots—as well as rosacea, acne, broken capillaries and unwanted hair.  IPL also stimulates collagen and closes pores.  It is recommended for patients with lighter skin tones to prevent any risk of hypopigmentation. Patients will experience little to no downtime with this treatment, which should be repeated three to six times every four weeks for maximum results.  For videos on our laser follow

ND Yag

Our Yag is a short to long pulse laser with a 1064nm wavelength, making this laser safe for all skin types.  It provides all over facial tightening, hair removal for darker skin types, and focused correction of vascular or pigmented lesions.  This laser also promotes collagen establishment, clearance of acne, lesion destruction, treats fungal infections, and tightens pores.  For videos on our laser follow


Our 755nm Alexandrite is a type of LASER (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) that emits high energy light through an alexandrite crystal. As the light passes through the alexandrite crystal, a beam of light 755 nm long is produced.  This laser produces rapid, self-cooling, pulses for easy and effective hair removal, or treatments of benign pigmented lesions. For videos on our laser follow